Pregnancy - Pre, Post and Everything in Between

A lot has been said, done and experimented recently in the direction of pregnancy. Various views and opinions on the internet regarding pregnancy and child-care have only led to creation and spread of preconceived notions and contradicting ideas about the same. What are the first pregnancy symptoms? What foods are healthy and effective for the mother during pregnancy? Should the mother go through a vigorous regime of stretching exercises to increase her stamina and endurance? How to deal with labor anxiety attacks? What are the causes of weight gain in mothers during pregnancy? These and many more questions have been answered here to provide you with a quick and handy guide to pregnancy; pre, post, and everything in between.

A complete guide to healthy pregnancy:

Entering the pregnancy phase together is one of the most beautiful and precious feelings every couple goes through. The key to healthy pregnancy is calmness. Most couples tend to go out of their way to make sure of the mother’s and fetus’s health in these nine months, when all you need is a step by step month-wise guide to help you get through pregnancy smoothly.

Month 1
of pregnancy:

The first month of pregnancy usually passes by in a jiffy. By the time you break the news to your loved ones, family members and friends, you will be loaded with advices to take care of yourself and the baby. If the mother smokes or drinks alcohol occasionally, it is time to quit. Decide on a good gynaecologist and make sure you follow the appointment chart.

Months 2 and 3 of pregnancy:

The second and third months of pregnancy are the most crucial ones. During these months you will go through a complete scan for the first time. Your doctor will give you a list of tests to go through in these months. The most important thing you need to do during pregnancy is talk to your gynaecologist about your fears and anxieties.

Months 4 and 5 of pregnancy:

In the fourth month your energy levels will change immensely. Your belly will look larger than usual and you will have frequent urges to urinate. You will distinctly feel the baby’s movements at this point. Cut down on fatty foods as much as possible during this period. It is important to follow your gynaecologist’s advice and that too, very strictly.

Months 6 and 7 of pregnancy:

The body at this stage will go through some visible changes. Abdominal cramps and shortness of breath being on the top of the list. Swollen hands and feet might make you anxious at first but they are completely normal. Drink lots of water to flush out excess fluids from the body. The seventh month is the best time to plan on things that suit your budget.

Months 8 and 9 of pregnancy:

Congratulations! The time is finally here, and it is completely natural to feel too many emotions at the same time. Your body has begun to prepare for the labour. Distract yourself by doing constructive things like reading books on post pregnancy.You will go through short contractions and the real, long ones and by the end of the third trimester you will master the art of differentiating between them.

Beginning of Parenthood:

The incomparable feeling of holding your baby in your arms for the first time is only the beginning of a journey full of many such breath-taking moments. From deciding on the best doctor, to the best shampoo, you would leave no stone unturned to give them the best. Children fill parents’ lives with happiness and excitement. We wish you all the best on your new journey!